About Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

A Connecticut Surrogacy Matching Agency with Global Reach

The first successful full-service surrogacy matching agency in Connecticut, Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists was founded by leading reproductive lawyer, Victoria T. Ferrara, to assist intended parents in realizing their dream of having a family through gestational surrogacy.

Through the landmark Supreme Court case of Raftopol v. Ramey, Attorney Ferrara forged a path for legal parentage in Connecticut, which determined that an intended parent could assume all rights to a child through a gestational agreement, regardless of the genetic connection to the child born to the surrogate.

Our team provides unmatched guidance and support for intended parents and surrogates, and our global reach extends to clients throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. In addition, we work with an extensive network of lawyers who specialize in reproductive technology law throughout the world to bring our clients the best possible representation.

Vision & Values
Our vision is to provide dedicated support, insight and advice to hopeful parents as they create their families and have children through gestational surrogacy. We are a unique and distinguished team of people who highly value parenthood, children and the ethical formation of families through surrogacy.

Here at Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, we value:

  • Teamwork & communication
  • Compassion & understanding
  • Equality & acceptance
  • Integrity
  • Hope


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