What We Do

At Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, we strive to provide a smooth surrogacy journey for both intended parents and surrogate mothers, and our professional team of leaders and case managers have the legal expertise to seamlessly coordinate the entire gestational surrogacy process.

By investing the time to get to know our intended parents and surrogates on a personal level, we are able to ensure the best possible matches that result in warm and caring relationships to allow for people to experience the joy of expecting and having their babies.

We work closely with each of our clients to:

  • Facilitate communication and arrange meetings for surrogates and intended parents
  • Explain important legal and ethical issues regarding surrogacy
  • Coordinate with IVF clinics to arrange essential medical appointments
  • Handle and assist with legal matters, including the drafting of surrogacy contracts/gestational carrier agreements
  • Provide guidance and support in obtaining pre- & post-birth orders for legal parentage proceedings
  • Provide insurance contacts and resources

What We Do for Intended Parents:

We work with intended parents across the U.S. and internationally, managing the surrogacy process from the initial surrogate meeting all the way through the birth of your child.

Our expert guidance ensures that intended parents will be well-informed regarding their surrogacy journey throughout the entire process – before, during, and after pregnancy.

Each of our clients receives the attention and service they need so they can enjoy the process of expecting their baby and focus on preparing for parenthood. Our international clients receive the added benefit of our coordination of legal issues with a lawyer from their home country to ensure a seamless transition for the baby’s trip home and establishing citizenship in the home country.

What We Do for Surrogates:

We highly value our surrogate mothers, without whom our organization would not be possible. Our immense gratitude can be seen through our generous surrogate compensation as well as through a wide range of benefits which serve as additional support throughout the surrogacy process.

Each of our surrogates is treated with the utmost of respect and gratitude. We are especially fortunate to have a former surrogate mother, Serena Lugo, on our team to provide invaluable guidance and support to new surrogates. You can read more about Serena’s role here.