Frequently Asked Questions

What expenses are covered during my surrogacy?

Expenses will vary depending on your agreement with the intended parents. If you have an insurance policy that does not have a surrogacy exclusion, your medical insurance should cover all medical expenses, but if not, the intended parents and WSS will arrange and coordinate alternative insurance coverage to cover all medical expenses. This should be clearly stated in your surrogacy contract, and we will work with you to understand what insurance coverage you have and whether or not it may be used for maternity care during the surrogate pregnancy.

In addition to medical expenses, all legal, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses relating to the surrogacy will be paid for by the intended parents. You will also receive a base compensation (which is paid on a monthly basis starting upon confirmation of pregnancy), monthly expense fee, maternity clothing allowance, embryo transfer fee, fee for undergoing invasive procedures, etc. This will all become clearly defined once you enter into the contract phase of the process with your Intended Parents.

How much compensation should I expect?

Surrogate compensation will range based on experience, so we suggest you review online forums dedicated to surrogacy to get a better idea as to what fair compensation is. Generally speaking, first-time surrogates receive a base compensation ranging from $25,000 - $28,000, and experienced surrogates' compensation can range upwards of $45,000 - $50,000.

You may also receive additional compensation for undergoing invasive procedures, for the embryo transfer, for maternity clothing, and more. There may also be provisions for lost wages, housekeeping and/or childcare, and counseling, if requested.

Will my name be on the birth certificate?

No. The intended parents have all legal rights to the child, and their names will appear on the birth certificate under a pre-birth order. The pre-birth order will also result in the voluntary relinquishment of your rights as a surrogate before the child is born. In some cases, certain state laws place the surrogate’s name on the initial birth certificate, and then the name is removed when the intended parents are added.

You will have the benefit of legal counsel to make sure you understand the legal procedures.

Do I have to go through a medical and psychological assessment?

Yes, the medical and psychological assessment is part of the screening and matching process. WSS will need to get you medically approved by the IVF clinic and psychologically screened to ensure there are no medical/psychological issues that may be present that could affect the pregnancy.

When Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists medically and psychologically screens surrogate mothers, we will need to acquire all pregnancy/delivery records and send them off to the clinic doctor for review and approval. The psychological screening will consist of 2 parts, a basic personality test- or MMPI that the surrogate mother completes, in addition to the surrogate mother (and their significant other, if applicable) speaking with our clinical psychologist on staff. Once the surrogate is medically and psychologically approved, we will move forward to the matching stage.

How do I get started?
To learn more about becoming a surrogate, please click here to fill out an application.