The Process

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists offers an invaluable support system for our surrogates, providing experience and guidance throughout the entire process. Our Director of Surrogates, Serena Lugo, is on-site to help with whatever you may need at any point before, during, and after your pregnancy. A two-time surrogate herself, Serena is an invaluable resource to our surrogates and surrogate mothers-to-be.

Whether you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, or preparing to embark on the journey for the first time, you will be treated with the utmost of respect and gratitude.

  • Step 1:
    Pre-Screen Application

    Pre-Screen Application

    Surrogates are required to submit a pre-screen application which will either pre-qualify or disqualify them as potential surrogates.

  • Surrogacy Application
    Step 2:

    Surrogacy Application

    The surrogate will fill out an initial surrogacy application consisting of approximately fifty questions about their background, pregnancy history, obstetrical/gynecological information, and spousal information.

  • Step 3:
    Documentation Submitted

    Documentation Submitted

    The surrogate will be required to submit documentation, including recent photos of herself and her home, insurance cards, and a valid driver’s license.

  • Psychological Evaluation & Background Check
    Step 4:

    Psychological Evaluation & Background Check

    We will conduct a psychological evaluation consisting of an MMPI standardized personality test to ensure that the surrogate is emotionally equipped to handle the pregnancy. In addition, the surrogate will undergo a background check to ensure that she has no prior convictions that could negatively impact the surrogacy process.

  • Step 5:
    Medical Approval

    Medical Approval

    Surrogates will need to submit their medical history and pregnancy medical records for review by a reproductive endocrinologist.

  • Matching Process
    Step 6:

    Matching Process

    We will propose a match for the surrogates based on the criteria they provided, and a phone call will be arranged for the surrogate to connect with the proposed intended parents. If both parties would like to continue working together after the call, they will move on to the contract phase of the process.

  • Step 7:
    Sign Contracts

    Sign Contracts

    A surrogacy contract will be drafted and signed by both parties to officially begin the surrogacy journey.

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